June 22nd: Day 1

Opening Keynote
Tom Gerace, Founder and CEO, Skyword

A Culture of Storytelling: How Coldwell Banker Developed a Team of Regional Content Creators
Victoria Keichinger, Manager of Brand Engagement, Coldwell Banker

How IBM Security is Making Fire With the Daily News
Tom Kendall, Digital Marketing Leader, IBM
Pam Jones, Digital Marketing Strategist, IBM

Behind the Scenes: Pairing Brands and Contributors for Powerful Storytelling 
Linsey Morse, Associate Community Manager, Skyword
Braden Becker, Editorial Manager, Skyword
Molly Berry, Associate Community Manager, Skyword
Bridget Burns, Social Media Strategist, Tom's of Maine
Liz Wellington, Freelance Journalist

Beyond Brand Personas: Build-A-Bear's Approach to Getting Heard in a Crowded Market
Brian Sawyer, Senior Managing Director, Digital, Build-A-Bear Workshop

Brand Storytelling: What Media Veterans Say About the Future of Content Marketing
Erika Velazquez Alpern, Head of Marketing, The New Republic
Diana Ryan, Growth Editor, Fusion

How the Skyword Platform Helps Brands Elevate Their Content Efforts
Joe Breed, Director, Customer Success, Skyword

Introducing the Content Marketing Continuum
Patricia Travaline, CMO, Skyword
Ruben Sanchez, Director, Digital, Skyword
Ted Karczewski, Content Marketing Manager, Skyword

The Laws of Creativity for Marketers: The Hidden Science of Creative Genius
Allen Gannett, CEO and Founder, TrackMaven

Excel Through Collaboration
Molly Berry, Associate Community Manager, Skyword
Sree Lenhart, Content Strategist, Skyword
Katie Van Adzin, Editorial Manager, Skyword
Peter Kringdon, Content Specialist, Skyword
Kyle Harper, Freelance Journalist

Ready for Brand Transformation? How to Merge Traditional Marketing and Storytelling Strategies for Success
Christa Dunlevy, Marketing Manager, Cintas
Jamie Samide, Senior Director of Marketing, Cintas

Is Your Site's User Experience Killing Your SEO?
Eric Sheydwasser, Project Director, MEC

Find Your Hero
Anne Handley-Fierce, Director, Editorial, Skyword
Chuck Leddy, Freelance Journalist
Laurie Mega, Senior Editorial Manager, Skyword
Rachel Wudarcyk, Senior Content Strategist

The Content Marketer's Dilemma: How Much Time Should You Spend on Content Amplification?
Christine Daily, Associate Global Digital Producer, New Balance
Siobhan Breagy, Global Digital Content Associate, New Balance

Changing the Mold with Storytelling
Andy Hilton, Vice President, Communication, Content, and Brand, ADP
Jim Duffy, Senior Content Director, Corporate Communications, ADP

Beers with Engineers: Open Forum on What's Next for the Skyword Platform
Keith Kost, VP Product, Skyword
John Mihalik, Chief Technology Officer, Skyword

Closing Keynote: VR as the Next Computing Platform
Sarah Hill, CEO and Chief Storyteller, StoryUP

June 23rd: Day 2

10 Steps to Defining Your Content Marketing ROI
Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

Content in Context: Four Steps to Creating Brand Stories that Work
Melanie Deziel, Branded Content Consultant

From Journalism to Brand Storytelling
Lauren DiZazzo, Associate Community Manager, Skyword
Brianna Hand, Editorial Manager, Skyword
Keith MacKenzie, Editorial Manager, Skyword
Andrea Moe, Senior Director of Marketing, Videa
Tim Whelan, Freelance Journalist

How Tom's of Maine Started Living the Brand Story Online and Off
Rob Robinson, Integrated Marketing Communications Manager, Tom's of Maine

Elevate Your Story with Digital Asset Management
Nelson Sousa, Director of Human Resources, Learning and Development, Skyword

Bringing Stories to Life with Media
Jon Bettinger, Director of Animation, Skyscope
Alex Dunn, COO, Skyscope
Paula Elias, Director of Strategic Partnerships, StoryUP
Tom Sanford, Digital Media Producer, Skyword

Redefining Digital Storytelling: How Yahoo is Innovating
Julie Hogenboom, Editoral Lead, Yahoo

The 1:1 Marketing Era - How to Build a Loyal Audience Through Personalization
Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot
Tory Starr, Director of Social Media, WGBH
Lon Novak, Client Advocate, Sprinklr

Creating Stories for an Audience That Can Smell Bullshit from a Mile Away
Jonathan Summey, Head of Digital Marketing, Ipswitch
Dan Baptiste, VP, Brand Partnerships, Skyword